Two Together, Inc.
Board of Directors
Founding President, Albany - Rena P. Button

Two Together Office:
200 Green Street
Albany, NY  12202

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1397
Albany, NY 12201-1397

Phone: 434-9055
Fax: 434-3572

Board of Directors

Board Members

Advisors to the Board

Mary U. Bitel

Vice President
Betty P. Shadrick

Ellen Wetterau Zunon

Desiree Nix

Past President
Barbara Benware Burt


Program Director
Lukas Horowitz

Site Coordinator

Wendy Adams

Assistant Site Coordinator
Steven Rodd

Barbara Beauregard Carll

Mary Jane Brown

Rufus Collier

Marjorie Elitzer

MaryBeth Gosende

Beverly L. Ivey

Linda Mallory-Mitchell

Cheyanne L. Spoto

Drs. James and Rose JacksonóCo-Chairs

Laura B. Chodos

Jim Fleming, Ph.D.

Hon. Lucille McKnight

Hon. Carolyn McLaughlin

Betty Sonneborn


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Tel: 518.434.9055 Fax: 518.434.3572

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Our Community Partners:

                       Mayor Gerald W. Jennings  �  SUNY Albany Department of Education  �  Albany School District  � 
Albany County Youth Bureau �  Albany Housing Authority  � Albany Public Schools Teachers Association  � 
Albany YMCA  �  Giffen Elementary School�  Albany Community Development Agency  �